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Low Payment Leases

Tax Efficient

Lease rentals are normally 100% allowable against taxable profits, This can mean a substantial tax advantage over paying cash.


Helps Cashflow

Spending cash on a piece of equipment can disrupt cashflow A lease facility spreads the cost - Buy now, pay later.



Repayments are fixed at the outset, you know what your future commitements are.


Increase Profitability

Pay for equipment as it generates profit.


Small Initial Outlay

Normally only 3 months rentals are required on signing VAT is payable on each rental as it falls due, rather than in one lump sum.


Hedge Against Inflation

Rentals are fixed and do not change with inflation or interest rates Waiting until you have the funds available to buy outright may be a false economy, the increase in the cost of equipment may even cost you more than the cost of leasing.


Preserves Existing Credit Lines

Unconnected with your other commitments with the bank etc. Leasing, leaves existing credit lines available to fund the day to day running of the business.


Next steps

Get in touch with our friendly advisors to see how we can you help you finance the machines you need.